So you have either just got engaged and you’re eager to start planning, or you’ve been saving up with all the pennies you have while now, nervous at the thought of how expensive weddings cost nowadays. Everything’s just so expensive.

All your life you’ve been dreaming of your fairy-tale wedding, the most flawless day, a wedding that is luxurious and extravagant, where money in the perfect world is never an issue.

Fear no more!!!

Below you have all the tips and information you need to achieve the best wedding, 5 ways to achieve a luxurious wedding but on a budget!! There are ways of having a luxurious look and feel to the big occasion whilst cutting back on the cost. All you need to do is to sit down with your partner, with a note pad and carefully start planning, be creative, simplistic and you can achieve all of your desires

1.The Venue

Picking the perfect venue is always essential. Whether it is a castle, a stately home or a hotel, each of the venues will have their own unique design, this contributing to the style of wedding you are going for. A perfect venue to one is the worst venue for another, so remember your opinion counts the most.

TOP TIP: Pick a lavish venue.

Attractive and grand venues may not always mean that they are expensive and out of your price range. Picking a venue that is elaborate will result in keeping your funds low when it comes to decorating the place. Lavish venues require little dressing up. The guests will never know how the venue looked previously to the big day, therefore when they see it on the day they will be sure to think that the bride and groom would have splashed out on the décor. Therefore, guests will lead to the illusion that this wedding is extravagant.

2. The Right Colour Scheme

Selecting the right colour scheme for your wedding is vital. Colours can affect the mind in many different ways, resulting in your guests feeling differently about various designs in the décor of the wedding. Picking the right colours could result in adding a sense of luxury the wedding.

After studying the meanings of colours by reviewing Rikard (2015), below are the perfect colours to incorporate to your big day:

  • WHITE: Usually associated with weddings, the meaning of purity. It is also simplistic and adds a sense of elegance. Can be used with a variety of colours in the décor.
  • GOLD: Connected to the idea of wealth, a sense of luxury and of course is a ‘precious metal’. 2016 saw the trend of the use of rose gold in many weddings colour schemes. Would be a very lovely colour for bridesmaid’s dresses, adding to tone of luxury.
  • NATURAL TONES: Linking to a calming emotion. Natural, simplistic classy theme. Creams, beiges, light browns will tend to work with many colours, for example whites and gold’s are perfect. They are very common colours used in luxurious weddings.
  • PURPLE: The idea of extravagance and often used for royalty. It’s a bold colour so use it wisely in the decor, as too often could be overpowering. Try adding it into table décor and maybe even the colour of your bridesmaid’s dresses.

3. Get Creative

Embracing your creative side is always a positive when it comes to organising your wedding, as it will add a personal touch to the big day. It will also allow guests to fully appreciate all the little touches. Not only is getting your creative side out a fun thing to do, it will be a key way of keeping the budget low. Therefore, allowing you to spend more on other areas of the wedding if need be, achieving that luxurious dream wedding.

Areas to explore your creative flair

  • Invites
  • Table décor (e.g. name cards, centrepieces, seat covers)
  • Room décor
  • Favours
Simple, Creative and Elegant 

4. Flower Seasons 

For those who have just started planning their weddings, you will start to realise just how expensive flowers really are. Take the rose, the most popular and expensive flower picked by brides. However, there are many different types of flowers similar to rose, looking almost identical, where you can cut corners.

TOP TIP: Picking a flower in season.

This will dramatically reduce the costs. When talking to your florist, if you really want roses suggest a variation of different flowers in the bouquet and you will be surprised just how beautiful they can work together.

The seasons (Thompson 2016):

  • Spring- Calla Lily, Carnation, Cherry Blossom, Hydrangea, Lily of the valley, Lisianthus, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Roses and Tulips.
  • Summer: Bouvardia, Dahlia, Hydrangea, Lily, Marigold, Peony, Rose, and Stephanotis.
  • Autumn- Aster, Bouvardia, Calla Lily, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera, Gladiolus, Hydrangea, Lily and Roses.
  • Winter: Bouvardia, Calla Lily, Cymbidium orchid, Hydrangea, Lily, Muscari, Peony, Phalaenopsis orchid and Roses


Bold purple colour, mixed flowers 
Light pink bouquet, mixed flowers

5. Keep it Simple!!

As with every event, it’s always a good idea to keep things simple. Less is more. Overcomplicating things, especially if you are trying to achieve a luxurious wedding, can often be a fail or of course too expensive. The theme of luxury leads to the notion that the room décor is not over the top, it’s simplistic with classy touches. Try working with features within the décor that stand out and lead to a sense of luxury, such as something innovative. Check to see if the venue has chandeliers, as this will often make the room dressy.


Of course there are other ways in which one could be innovative and make sure they achieve a luxurious wedding on a budget. It is important to remember that it is your special day; therefore the opinions of others are irrelevant. How you wish your ideal wedding to look is to your desires. So remember, research, get creative, flower seasons and keep things simple.





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